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Thursday , March 30 2017
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Why does false negative pregnancy test result happen?

Why does false negative pregnancy test result happen?

Why does false negative pregnancy test result happen?

Reasons for the false negative Pregnant test result leads to Home pregnancy tests and measures a specific hormone in urine called as human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG), which is the gonadotrophin (HCG) when the woman is pregnant.

It is possible to get the negative test result when you are actually pregnant we reveal how it occurs and why it is happen in wrong pregnant test to do the results and false negatives are common than the false positive.

However it’s important to think that you should not give you the false to your hope, A negative pregnant test is still most likely to have the pregnant, But if you would really believe you are the pregnant and have any symptoms of pregnancy, there is a chance that you may be right.

Reasons for a false negative pregnancy test result:

Home Pregnancy test helps in measuring the specific hormone in urine called as human chronic gonadotrophin(HCG),which only present when a woman is the pregnant.

Some tests are the more sensitive than any other and claim can be able to detect before the days of your missing period. But they are unable to detect the level of hcg levels early in the pregnancy test.

The opportunity for the pregnancytest earlier increased due to the sensitivity of the today’s test,it also increases the risk of testing before your Levels of hcg are enough to detected.

one mum called as snappyloz in our forum ,it was explained how she got the wrong results, I had the false negative but only when they are tested before due ,the ones taken after it always have been accurate, However it does not depend upon the when you have ovulated.

Wifey had a similar experience when she had false negative results, then 2 days later it was brought to clearblue the digital one and sure enough to be pregnant.

 How early can I take a pregnancy test?

Be aware when the people timing urine sample can have the effect, Its most accurate to the test for the first thing in morning, so always try to take the test upon yourself.

Best way to stick on the plan and implement on regular basis, your first morning time should be put concentrated on the urine time and it’s to easiest to detect.

There are number of conversations about the FMU on the Forum, One mum being Angelfish who usually does the middle of the night, Wanted to know how the urine would be best to test, when People come for a test with FMU, it is an fact that the people already have been to loo a few hours earlier makes the difference on outcome of my test.

Don’t drink the lot of water or another type of liquids in couple for the lot of hours before testing the urine ,try to hold for a long before Pee straight on to stick.

Of course there is a chance of that you are not the pregnant.

The test may have negative result because you are not the actually pregnant, if you have missed your period and they are experiencing the pregnancy symptoms but have a negative pregnancy test result.



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