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Tuesday , March 28 2017
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5 Ways To Prevent Cancer

Almost every day we hear that someone we know, or maybe a popular person, was diagnosed with cancer. Marketing and awareness-raising among the population is increased in this regard. However, we continue to think that cancer is not something we could experience. And it is. It can happen to anyone. Cancer can be considered a disease of modern times, and what is dangerous about this disease is it prevalence, being widespread worldwide, and its development into many different forms and types.

The cancer institute online work on estimations regarding the frequency of occurrence of cancer. Their predictions and statistics from 2007 to 2009 calculate that more than 40% of the adult population will get cancer at some point of their lives. This is nearly 50%!

Primarily, what precisely is cancer?

The body comprises of a vast number of cells. Cells go through a cycle of growth, division and death. It is a process with strict sequence of events. Unlike this process, cancer is a result of an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells within a specific part of the human body. It may develop in any system of the body and it may involve any organ – lungs, throat, bones, glands, breasts, etc.

This is important information you must never forget: Cancer cells cannot persist in an oxygenated environment.

This implies that insufficient oxygen levels in newly created cells are going to make these cells cancerous. This was a revolutionary discovery that broughtDr. Warburg a Nobel Prize in 1931, explaining that cancer occurs as a result of low oxygen levels in cells. In an article called The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer he indicated that the main cause of cancer was discovered, it was the reduction of at least 60% of the oxygen needs of a cell.

This is the main and basic cause of cancer.

Certainly there are other factors that lead to cancer development, however Dr. Warburg considered that what causes cancer is the change of oxygen respiration within healthy cells by fermentation of sugar. Healthy body cells need oxygen to survive, while cancer cells survive as a result of fermentation.

Simply expressed, this means that cancerous cells are anaerobes (harmed by the presence of oxygen) and healthy cells are aerobes (they survive and grow thanks to oxygen).

What reduces oxygen levels in cells?

  1. Accumulation of cellular toxicity which further impairs the cellular oxygen respiration mechanism.
  2. Insufficient blood flow expressed as red blood cells clustering which decelerates the bloodstream and limits flow into capillaries.
  3. Insufficient structuralcomponents of the cell walls that prevent penetration of nutrients in the cells.
  4. Acidity in the body.

Usually the basic method of treatment for cancer patients is chemotherapy and radiation therapy. However, such types of therapies have their side effects and may even cause development of cancer in normal cells! It is like a boomerang. The weapon you use to protect yourself returns back at you. For this reason cancer recurs couple of times in some people!

This a very serious and a complicated issue, which is why we must undertake some preventative measures to protect ourselves. Below are five very powerful tips that are essential to beat cancer or to prevent its occurrence.

  1. Detoxify your body (decrease cellular toxicity and increase oxygenation to cells)

Today everything is polluted. We constantly come into contact with toxins, they are in present in soil, water, air, cosmetics, construction materials, clothes, cosmetics, cleaning assets, everywhere. Even fruits and vegetables are not what they used to be. There is a huge chain of genetically modified foods that slowly kill us. Additives, emulsifiers, preservatives. It is all there, few meters away from you, in your kitchen. So make changes in your life, introduce some healthy lifestyle. Convince yourself that organic food, natural home-made juices and recipes will help you live longer. Try to adhere to some detoxification programs.



  1. Exercise (increase blood flow)

Physical exercise improves circulation which further improves oxygenation, making cells healthier and stronger.

  1. Proper eating habits (to create proper building blocks for cell walls)

Nutrition is what makes the anti-cancer package complete. Consumption of food that is rich in vitamins and nutrients is a must. Consume enough essential fatty acids, throw out sugars and refined grains. Do not use harmful artificial sweeteners. Use some other natural products or some new and healthy sweeteners including stevia, xylitol, and Laknato that have become very popular lately.



  1. Eat mainly alkaline foods

Most foods increase the acidity in the body. Such foods include manufactured juices, sodas, alcohol, coffee, grains, meat, poultry etc. This is something that should not be part of your list of kitchen supplies. What a person should strive for is a ratio of 75% alkaline products and 25% acidic products. Usually, as a result of the intense and quick pace of life, the diet of most people comprises of acidic food. This is something you should change. An appropriate amount would be 45% of thermally processed or cooked vegetables and fruits, 30% of RAW vegetables and fruits, and the rests can include grains, nuts, seeds, fish, poultry or meat. Most cancer treatment institutes recommend 100% raw food diet in the fight against cancer. For example, the Gerson Institute in San Diego, California offers a new solution to cancer treatment. The so called Gerson Therapy supports the natural ability of the body to heal by introducing some strictly specified food selections and drinks. It is a diet per se. A diet that heals. Also, the Issels Integrative Oncology Center in Tijuana, Mexico, for example, offers a solution for treatment of cancer by introducing a strict diet, their diets are explained in detail on many pages and with dozens of recipes for every specific patient. Many severe diseases that were once incurable, nowadays can be treated and healed. Think about it! Is it better to just hurry to finish numerous obligations every day, live a stressful life and die young, or dedicate some time to yourself, eat healthy food and live longer. Something will always lack in a person’s life, that is a rule, you can never have it all, but at least we can use what we already have, and enjoy every new day which is a new experience by itself.

  1. Support your body’s ability to use oxygen to make energy

Cells produce energy thanks to a component called CoEnzymeQ10. It is further confirmed that high-quality Omega-6 improves the oxygen transmission into cells as well.

Do not hesitate. It is better to try several options, instead of doing nothing. There are always some alternative treatments. Be persistent, do not quit. Many people have won the battle with cancer. Why don’t you do the same? PROTECT YOURSELF and stay strong, never give up!




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