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Wednesday , March 29 2017
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Man Finds Out His Varicose Foot Vein Is Actually A Huge Worm

After a vacation in Nigeria, the 42-year-old man had no idea that his foot vein was going to make international headlines.


After a few days he came from the African country, he felt pain in his foot. He noticed that the veins on his foot were bulging and there was a slight red rash, so he decided to go to a doctor see if something was wrong with his foot veins.

When the doctor looked at the foot vein, he told him not to worry. That is something that everyone has, nothing more than a varicose vein. Depending on other factors they can appear bigger or smaller.

The man decided to go back to the doctor because his “vein” got bigger. He asked him to look a little bit closer. After that, they noticed that the “vein” had moved.

Trusting our initial instincts is always important!

Other 42-year-old man was happy to be back home after his fun trip to Nigeria. He also began to notice that something is wrong with his foot.

The doctors told him not to worry, that was just varicose vein that was bigger than the vein on his other foot.  It’s probably always been this big, but now that he’s focusing on it, it just appears different.

Varicose veins are those gnarled, enlarged veins.  Any vein can become varicose, but it usually happens in our legs. Usually, varicose veins are only a cosmetic problem and usually don’t lead to serious medical issues.

Everyone has been trying get rid of these veins by using special creams or laser treatments that is a multi-million-dollar industry.

The 42-year-old man decided to get a second opinion because he noticed his “varicose vein” beginning to move up and down his foot.

The doctors realized that this “vein”, over the past month, had moved a few centimeters around the man’s foot

It was terrible, when they realized their mistake. Actually, this “vein” was a parasite that causes an infection called cutaneous larva migrans . This wasn’t a vein in the man’s foot: it was a worm.

Usually these worms live in the intestines of our pets, like dogs and cats. They are usually spread through their droppings.

Through contact with the droppings, humans can get infected. Usually that happens when we walk barefoot on the beach or soil that’s near the animal waste.

This disease, usually sticks in tropical areas but also it can happen in other climates. We should wear some shoes if we want to protect ourselves from contact with these worms.

If you’re on the beach or in a park, and you notice someone not picking up after their dog… Just make sure they hear about it! We shouldn’t   let the threat of this worm stop us from getting out there and enjoying the sun this summer!

Thankfully, the man ended up just fine after taking an anti-parasitic drug. It really goes to show that if we notice something that seems odd on our body, we should definitely trust our instincts!




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