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Friday , January 20 2017
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6 Problems That Bananas Solves Better Than Pills

Although it might sound strange, there are certain problems that bananas solved better than pills. Banana is not only delicious, but also good for our health because it contains large amounts of vitamins, protein and many other nutrients.


Recent studies have demonstrated that bananas are not only good for our health, but also increase the strength of the body and control of menstruation, because women take care of their health.

Given that contain high amounts of fiber, banana protect us from disease.

 These problems will solve bananas better than pills:


Banana is very good at reducing stress. It contains amino acids that keep us calm and happy. And there are calcium and magnesium, which protect us from depression.

Blood Pressure

Banana is also good for the heart because it contains high levels of calcium and very little salt and thus helps with high blood pressure.


Bananas contain tryptophan, which helps to increase the feel good hormone serotonin. Although bananas won’t cure severe depression, eating one banana twice a day can help when you have the blues.

Digestive Health (gas and constipation)

Because of the high nutritive value is able to control the acid in the stomach. Banana also creates a special layer in the stomach, which reduces the chance of getting stomach ulcers. Due to the large amounts of fiber, a banana in the morning to prevent constipation problems.


It also has vitamins, and 6 of them maintain blood glucose levels.This can help lessen the symptoms of PMS. Additionally, bananas can help reduce the effects of bloating and lessen mood swings.

Weight Loss

Bananas are sweet tasting and can easily fit into any diet plan. They are full of water-soluble fiber, which means that when the fiber hits the digestive tract, it absorbs water and slows digestion. Then, food will sit in your stomach for a bit, making you feel fuller longer.

source:  holisticlivingtips.com



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