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Saturday , October 29 2016
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DIY: Miraculous Homemade Stain Remover

Different kind of stains can be removed with homemade preparation which compete with the most expensive purchase . This preparation not causes allergic reactions on the skin of children and adults,it is not filled chemicals.


The recipe is very easy and simple,because everything is at your fingertips,all three ingredients:baking soda ,hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen 3%) and water.


Half a glass baking soda
Half a glass of hydrogen (3%)
1 cup of hot (boiling) water


Into the boiling water pour baking soda.
When the soda will totally dissolve, add hydrogen (3%) 
Put into sprayer
Now you have your homemade stain remover

How to use it:

Spray on the stains ,let the agent acting for 5 minutes.Dip in your remover with scrubing with old toothbrush .If the stains are older , rub, rinse 2-3 times.Continue to wash these clothes as usual.

We hope that it will be useful to you.Try it



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