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Tuesday , March 28 2017
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What Food Causes Acne on Your Face?


Do you have problems with acne and pimples? If you have, avoid these food!Check Below

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What food commonly causes pimples and acne in daily diet?

Food fried in oil is not good for us and for our skin. Alcohol also can afford to worse the appearance of your skin …

Pimples and acne can be caused by many factors, but if you can not remove them in a while, try to carefully choose food , so that you can solve this problem.

Here is some food that cause acne and pimples:

Not saying that you should never eat some piece of cake or chocolate cube, but if sweets, candys, and soft drinks are an integral part of your daily diet – it’s time for a drastic change!

Alcohol in the short term that may worse the condition of your skin, especially when it comes to spirits. Shrink your alcohol intake to a minimum, and take glass of good wine on some special occasions.

Dairy products
Many people suffer from some form of digestive problem when trey are taking dairy products, but that can also be a problem with pimples.

Processed meat
Processed ham, sausages and similar things that we eat in a fast food restaurant is not good for our skin. Instead of that take a sandwich with tuna and vegetables.

White bread
White bread and pasta are converted into sugars. Replace it with grains.

Bad fats
Oil for frying food complexion do worse, and experts say that butter is one of the biggest enemies of the skin because it’s difficult to the body to digest.

Food fried in oil
Foods fried in deep oil is not good for your figure or your skin, avoid these meals and prefer cooked food.

Colored foods, artificial sugars … It affects your overall appearance. Shift them for a while, eat more fruits, vegetables, red meat, cereals and quickly you will probably notice the difference in your skin.




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