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Saturday , March 25 2017
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Zeolites! Are They The Minerals Of The Future?


What are zeolites?

Zeolites are a group of minerals, a part of the volcanic rocks are the green and white zeolite.

Zeolites are formed naturally when volcanic minerals (Lava) are mixed with seawater.

More specifically, this mineral is a natural product produced by the chemical reaction of lava and seawater.

Mineral Zeolite is not found in all places on the planet.

These minerals are made at given moment when there are ideal conditions for conducting this type of reaction.

Therefore, the characteristic reaction of hot volcanic minerals and salts from the sea, it was responsible for the development of minerals with incredible powers.

Zeolites are the minerals of the future

What is what makes the zeolites so unique?

This mineral has a very interesting structure and appearance under a microscope literally resembles a cage.

Zeolite is a rare mineral in nature with a negative charge.

In contact with positively charged toxic substances this mineral is acting as a magnet that attracts them, and then as a sponge that absorbs them into its lattice structure.

Medicinal properties

Because of its amazing properties and medicinal powers zeolite in Japan is called “magic stone” and in Greece “stone of life”.

Thus, as described zeolite has a specific ability in its three-dimensional crystal structure, which consists of interconnected cavities sucks toxic substances from our body.

Those toxins are from harmless until the most dangerous ones such as heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic …) and radioactive particles.

Zeolites are beneficial to the digestive system.

These minerals stimulate digestion and can help in the prevention of diarrhea

that is caused by a large amount of ammonia in the intestine.

Those minerals are absorbing from the stomach and intestines harmful nitrates and nitrites (which are found in industrially processed foods in order to preserve their freshness and appearance) before the body starts to absorb them.

By eliminating harmful substances, the body provides a healthy functionality and stronger immunity.

On that list should be noted widespread herbicide, pesticide, nicotine, alcohol, as well as free radicals.

Since it won the title of “mineral of the future” and took his place in the world of natural medicine zeolite on the market can be found in the form of powders, tablets, capsules, potions …

Completely natural zeolite is a little harder than chalk, it crumbles easily and is safe to use.

Until now, it hasn’t been established negative side effects or.

Therefore, must be strictly adhered to the prescribed daily dose – usually is 5-20 g.

Other applications of zeolites

There is exactly the same reason of these minerals in other areas of life.

-1. Because it has the property that refines the plot increasingly used in agriculture, especially in the production of organic food.

Plot enriched within zeolite, in addition, is disburdened from the toxins.

It becomes loose, rich in minerals and longer keeps moisture in it.

In this way, the plant is more advanced and provides a healthier fruit.

-2. With regard to livestock, zeolites as food for animals make better progress, grade quality bone mass and reduce the possibility of poisoning.

In general, the animals gain weight faster with the same food intake, are healthier and live longer.

-3. Many farms now use zeolite in stables to eliminate odors.

-4. The zeolite is used as an ingredient to purify water.

-5. This mineral is of great significance for the decontamination of radioactive areas because absorbs radiation as a sponge.





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