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Thursday , March 30 2017
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The Food Industry Would Not Like You To See This

Food Industry

The increase of health problems and fatal disease is happening because we have people have wrong habits of eating.

There are 600.000 food items in America that are produced by the food industry.

The food industry has added sugar in 80% of them.

With consuming that food from the food industry, you become addict to that food.

All of that food from the food industry is not always good for our health and health of our children.

Food industry is not thinking always for our health

Fed up blows the cover of everything we thought that we knew about weight loss and food, it`s revealing a 30 years campaign by the food industry to mislead and confuse people.

That is resulting in one of the biggest health epidemics in our history.

The food what we are eating is leading to obesity and scientists predict that by 2050, 1/3 of Americans will have diabetes.

Sugar is one of the ingredients that cause a lot of health problems in our life.

Junk food companies from food industry are acting similarly like tobacco companies with their campaigns.

The food industry rejects any argument that food is harmful to our health.

Once you know the truth about that food you will start to think about what to eat and what is the best to consume for our health.

If you think a little bit about all of this above, you will immediately start to change the way of your life and eating.

You will also change a food that your children eat every day at home, schools and in fast food stores.

The children are our precious treasure and we should take care of.

If we start now to change our way of eating and teach our children about that it will for sure change our future for better.

It`s time to stop eating junk food and start healthy eating. Our best friend Mother Nature has a lot to offer and it`s around us.

This video from the food industry that you can see below will change your way of eating forever!




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