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Thursday , March 30 2017
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Look Yourself In The Mirror: If You Have This In Your Hair, You Will Never Get Cancer!

Have you ever heard about cowlick? In case you haven’t, we will tell you what it is – it is a section of the hair that stands straight up or lies at an angle at odds with the style in which the rest of that person’s hair is worn.


By medical experts this hairstyle is possible only if the person gets help from ‘’polarity genes’’. And what are ‘’polarity genes’’? They help with the direct flow of nutrients across cells and they also help with joining up the cells to support each other. And they can also cause certain biological structures to form opposing or ‘’polarized’’ patterns, and in human hair that is possible, and in some cases, cowlick is formed.

Polarity genes according to medical experts can also specify where the front and rear ends of the cells are, without which cells will not be able to migrate to other areas. Why we are mentioning this? –Because cancer cells move around the body during metastasis and we know that when that happens, the chances of surviving the cancer are lower. And this polarity is then abandoned.
This was tested by researchers at Michigan State University, and they discovered the structure and the function of these polarity genes. They found out that it is a protein that suppresses tumors called retinoblastomas (cancer that typically is spreading in the eyes of little children).
And the best thing that they discovered about this protein is that it is from a family of cellular guardians that can be helpful with control of cell reproduction, DNA repair and cellular self-destruction. What makes this the best part that they discovered? –All of the things we mentioned that this protein can help with are the best cancer-fighting tools.

The researchers there tested this with fruit files. They removed this protein from the fruit files and they watched what is happening, and poorly-oriented wing hair started developing. This indicates that it controls the expression of polarity genes as well as having anti-cancer functionality. There is a high degree of genetic similarity between fruit files and humans, leading to a conclusion that this can have a similar role in humans. Although it is still not confirmed, but if someday it becomes confirmed, there will be treatments that will restore this protein’s anti-cancer ability.

Source: www.healthadvisorgroup.com



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