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Wednesday , January 18 2017
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Incredible – She Change The Color Of Her Eyes Naturally- VIDEO

Eye colour isn’t easily changed in adult life – though how it looks is easily manipulated by changing the lighting (or using a different phone/camera for the new pictures!) Another consideration (though I can’t find any evidence for this one way or the other) is an annual variation in eye colour resulting from changes in sun exposure – sort of “iris tanning”. The brown in brown eyes is the same pigment as in tanned skin and is produced by the same cells.

If that’s the case, the colour change in this case is not due to the diet, but to the passage of time.

Although its possible her diet is deficient in tryptophan, an essential amino acid involved in melanin production

Depends on how you define natural. If shining a little stronger light into your eyes falls under that definition, then it is possible, but only in direction from darker (brown, green…) to basic blue.

Why? Because we all have blue eyes. In case they are darker, they are still blue eyes, just covered with thin layer of pigment.

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram has a website and a channel on YouTube that are dedicated to healthy eating. She shared another video about the benefits of a healthy diet with her followers – changing your eye color with your diet.

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram’s eyes changed their color after she switched to a raw food diet. Of course, it wasn’t the only result she achieved by changing her diet – her general health was improved and, as she says, it allowed her to change the way she was looking at the world.

Versatile, colorful food allowed her to finally be able to say that she shines from within.

Before she switched to a diet that included only fresh, raw foods, Kristin’s eyes had a dark brown color, similar to coffee.

The new diet influenced the color of her eyes by changing them to hazel, with a yellowish color, like honey, around her pupils.

The change of color did not stop at that, and Kristina now notices a shade of blue in her eyes.

So, if you want a different eye color, follow the examples of those who have done it in a simple and natural way – by eating raw and healthy foods.




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