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Thursday , March 30 2017
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Here is What Can Happen if You Use Scented Toilet Paper !

Although the technology has changed, still present a major concern with regard to the use of colored and scented toilet paper, and here is why.

Here are the problems may be caused by use of colored and scented toilet paper:

Cancer of the cervix

Department of Health and Human Services banned using certain dyes in the production of toilet paper, because of increased risk of disease in cervical cancer in laboratory animals. It is assumed that a similar impact this will have to a woman from toilet paper.

Rectal problems

Using colored and scented toilet paper can cause inflammation and itching in the rectal area. Moreover, a good habit is from time to time to check the appearance of the stool, so that the time to realize if there is blood in the stool. Colored toilet paper prevents identifying of this problems.

Infections of the urinary system

Colored toilet paper can be very irritant to the vaginal area, and its use is often cited as a cause of infections of the urinary system.

Fungal infections

One of the questions that the gynecologist sets of patients with fungal infection is whether use colored toilet paper. Scientists have found a direct link between the use colored toilet paper and the occurrence of fungal infections.

Environmental Health

Adding colors and scents of toilet paper can further contaminate the environment. Using white toilet paper is a small but important step in aid of preserving the environment.

Most dangerous is red toilet paper

Studies show that health is the most dangerous red colored toilet paper. The toilet paper decorated with drawings that have red color when wet seem to have traces of blood, and that they are the signs of the emergence of many diseases.





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