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Sunday , March 26 2017
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She Lost 225 Pounds At Age Of 63 By Following This 7 Simple Steps!

Diane Naylor, today 63, 4 years ago moved to Oakhurst, California from Fresno. That new environment provided her access to new exercises such as climbing, biking and many others.


But there was one big problem and she could not do any of those exercises because she measured significantly more than 400 pounds and she was ashamed of being outdoors. She said that she felt hopeless because she was overweight. But she still managed to lose weight recently and she found out motivation in one scene of the Television event ”Manor”.

And in this article we will describe you how she lost 225 pounds and how to handle the comparable circumstances:

1. You should start now. She began at 59 and that is proves that anyone can accomplish it. Why to wait any longer when you can start from today?

2. You should change your lifestyle in order to make small improvements. She started with just walking to the mailbox and back, and that was the biggest challenge she faced. She first felt unbalanced, but after a while she lost 20 pounds with just walking and healthy diet. After that she started riding indoor bicycle and she started walking for a longer distance around her area. And today she hikes 4-mile trails and performs 20-30 mile cycle rides, together with her niece. She hits more than 10,000 steps daily.

3. You should look for a support network. Naylor actually joined the Taking Off Pounds Sensibly team after she lost 50 pounds alone. In that club she received the needed support and constant assist. She meets with the people from the club every Monday and she is in contact with them. You should do this because you will be around similar-minder people.

4. You should make effort to eat something new. For example she started to eat seafood, and she wasn’t eating seafood before.

5. Don’t embark on a ”diet”. She constantly gained the weight back, no matter what she tried. And that is when she decided to make a big change in her diet such as improved intake of veggies and junkfood was out of her diet.

6. Stick with it. You should continue steadily with the losing weight process. And most important you should never quit, because when you see the inches coming off your body you will be so happy with yourself.

7. Naylor also said that she remained healthy and she did her best to avoid candy, snacks and ice cream. This should be one single decision.

Today she is 63 and she can do all the fun acitivities that she couldn’t do when she moved in her new place. Just start from today, and begin with a little goals, and nothing is imposible.




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