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Sunday , October 23 2016
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Two Simple Drinks Removes POUNDS of Toxins from Your Colon!

The digestive system is the part of the body that comes in the most contact with everything that is consumed. Over time, toxins and waste will build up and cause an assortment of health issues including constipation, diarrhea, irregular bowel movements, weakened immune system, and low energy.

By performing a colon cleanse, one can fix all these problems, improve bowel function, and achieve greater health and well-being. It is also the first step to losing weight and starting a weight loss program or diet. Many dietitians or health experts will begin a weight loss regimen with a cleanse.


Recipes of Natural Colon Cleanse:
Required Ingredients
2 tbsp. of raw, organic apple cider vinegar
8 ounces of warm water
2 tbsp. of raw, organic honey


Before using the apple cider vinegar, shake it well to mix up the unfiltered part. Mix the required amount of the vinegar with the water, and then add the honey. Stir well, until you notice the honey is completely dissolved. You can either drink this mixture every morning, or at any time that’s convenient for you.

Required Ingredients:
Flaxseed flour and

Here is how to cleanse your colon in 3 weeks consuming this mixture instead of breakfast:

Week 1: Mix 100 ml of kefir with 1 tbsp. of flaxseed flour.
Week 2: Mix 100 ml of kefir with 2 tbsp. of flaxseed flour.
Week 3: Mix 150 ml of kefir with 3 tbsp. of flaxseed flour.


Signs Your Body Might Need a Colon Cleanse

A blocked colon can cause toxicity which can lead to certain health problems. If you suffer from combination of the following health problems, your colon should probably be cleansed.
Constipation. It can be caused by stress, bad diet, or toxic substances like chemicals which force the colon to produce more mucus in order to protect itself. In time, this can result in mucus build-up on the bowel walls.

Aches. Sciatic pain, backaches, and headaches can be caused by a clogged colon.

Fatigue. It can be caused by toxic residues located in the colon that can reach all parts of the body through blood circulation.

Odor. Gas, body odor, and bad breath can be caused by toxic gas released by the colon inside the body.

Acne. The toxins from a clogged colon can overwhelm the pores, resulting in appearance of acne.





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