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Sunday , March 26 2017
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Study Confirms – Only 4 Tablespoon Of This Per Day And The Cancer Is Gone!

According to many medical experts from all around the world, this homemade and potent remedy is effective against many diseases including cancer. The remedy is also excellent for the entire body. If you use it, you can cure cancer naturally.

This incredible natural remedy will help you in many ways. It will strengthen and improve the health of your heart, cleanse your blood vessels, improve the function of the immune system, cleanse the liver and the kidneys, boost brain function and memory, protect you from heart attack and cure different cancer types.

The recipe

Needed ingredients:

• 1 kilogram of honey
• 400 grams of green wheat, sprouted grains
• 400 grams of walnuts
• 12 garlic cloves
• 15 lemons

The cooking process

In a glass bowl filled with water add the green wheat. All the green wheat must be under water. Leave the green wheat in the water through the night. After 12 hours, drain them, rinse them and leave them to drain again. You can strain the green wheat through a gauze. When they are dry, leave the wheat in a bowl for 1 whole day.


Grind the green wheat, walnuts and garlic cloves. Grind 5 lemons and add them to the other ground ingredients. Use the lemon juice from the other lemons. Mix it with the other ingredients. Finally, add the honey into the mixture by using a wooden spoon. Store the remedy in a glass jar in the refrigerator. Leave it to rest for 3 days in the fridge.


Consume 1-2 tablespoons of the remedy 30 minutes before every meal. Also, take the same amount of the remedy 30 minutes before going to sleep. For cancer treatment, consume 2 tablespoons of the remedy every 2 hours.

This incredible remedy will help you boost the metabolism. You will feel fresh and full of energy when taking this amazing remedy.



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