This Plant Destroys 86% Of Lung Cancer Cells! •
Sunday , March 26 2017
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This Plant Destroys 86% Of Lung Cancer Cells!

One of the most common causes for death is lung cancer. There are more victims from this disease than the breast, pancreatic and colon cancer together.

Lung Cancer

75 of 85% of the cases with lung cancer derive from cancer which is known as NSCL or non- small cell lung cancer.

One study that was published in the journal “Pub Med” claimed that parsley can be used in the treatment for this dangerous disease because it contains apigenin that is able to destroy cancer cells up to 86%.

There are many other foods which also contain apigenin including: coriander, orange, onion, celery, oregano, chamomile tea, red wine and artichoke.

However, the apigenin that can be found in parsley is most concentrated and that is why it is recommended in the fight against this horrible disease.

You can make parsley tea using this simple and amazing recipe:

Dice 15 grams of parsley root in small cubes and pour 200 ml of boiled water. Leave it on heat for additional 5 minutes and afterwards cover it and leave it for another 15 minutes. Finally strain the tea and your drink is read.

To get the most of its benefits you should drink 3 cups every day.

In alternative medicine, parsley is considered to be the best medicine that eliminates stones and sand from kidneys and it can successfully treat urinary infections. It is also a powerful diuretic.

Teas from parsley leaves and root are highly recommended.



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