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Sunday , March 26 2017
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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kissing…

unnamed (1)I don’t think I am a good kisser though but it don’t mean these 10 things are not correct jor. Check them out:

  1. You’ve got some Nerves:Red Glossy Lips KissingThe nerve endings on your lips are 100 times more powerful than in your fingertips *yes 100 times*. Or why do you think kissing is so much fun to do?
  2. Always give a kiss goodbye:Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 1.33.03 PMThe way you say goodbye to your spouse or bf or gf says a whole lot about your relationship an where it is headed either for the hills or the wills. Even a quick peck on the lips is better than a kiss on the cheek or no kiss at all
  3. Kissing is extremely good for your health081512-health-std-Gonorrhea-kissing-couple-diseases.jpg-640x360Whether you believe it or not, kissing is actually very healthy. Good kissing can help with your blood circulation, improve your skin glow and give you a good boost and can even relieve you of mild headaches. Now you know what to do when you’ve got a headache.
  4. Kissing burns Calories: kissingburnscaloriesWhere are m,y weight-watchers and losers? Get in here now and see this. Yes kissing burns calories. It can actually be a fantastic workout technique. 1 minute kissing burns 26 calories but it has to be a passionate french kiss that involves you moving one or two of the 36 muscles in your face.
  5. Kissing is more powerful than any pain reliever:See original imageI bet you didn’t know that kissing gets you the high you can get from any analgesic or morphine injection. Kissing releases some endorphin that give you a weightless giddy feeling. The good part is there are no side effects to this kinda morphine.
  6. You can get a million germs from Kissing: See original imageWhen people kiss, they exchange between 1 million and 10 million bacteria depending on the length of the kiss. About 278 types of bacteria can be passed while kissing. So stop kissing everybody cos you will soon be filled with sooo much bacteria, even your mouth will begin to smell.
  7. Kissing is illegal in some places:See original imageYes ke *can you imagine* It is against the law to kiss a stranger in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and women are not allowed to kiss their husbands *yes their husbands* on Sunday in Hartford, Connecticut. It beats me why these laws were made though and who even thought to make these laws sef.
  8. The Study of Kissing:See original imageThere is an English word for the study of kissing *lolx* and it is “philematology. It focuses on kissing and what it means in different cultures. There is fear of kissing too and it is called “philemaphobia”. LMFAO
  9. Elixir of the youth:See original imageKissing and been kissed can actually make you look youthful as it helps your cheeks from getting sagged and stops wrinkles from forming.
  10. Kissing is good for the Teeth:kissKissing increases the amount of saliva in your mouth and that helps to rinse bacteria off your gum. So kiss on..





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